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Wild Bird Society of Japan Wild Bird Society of Japan is a society of bird lovers and naturalists to preserve nature with its slogan “wild birds and humans are children of mother earth”
Japanese Society for
Preservation of Birds
This is a one of the most active society of wild bird research. They help me selling my products too
Sanctuary Center of
in Miyagi Prefecture
Website of Sanctuary Center of Lake Izunuma-Uchinuma which was designated as an internationally important wetland for waterfowl habitat by the Ramsar Convention in 1985. The lake is my favorite place where I visit every year since I was a student.
Abico City Museum of Birds This museum in Abico City dedicated for birds enjoys high reputation for its rich collection of specimen and documents.
Gunma Museum of
Natural History
This natural history museum with abundant exhibits is so attractive that visitors surely want to come again. You may learn things from dinosaurs age to human’s evolution.
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Fukushima branch
Website of the society’s Fukushima branch where I was born.
Fukushima Bird Fores Fukushima Bird Forest is my favorite place where I used to play. Swans settle in Abukuma River near this forest.
Yachoo! Online
wild bird guide
Famous bird related website managed by my younger university colleague. This is really an encyclopedia covering almost all Japanese wild birds.
t-usuda World Website of my younger university colleague who is an Origami artist. One can enjoy various articles related to wildlife.
Yoshitaka Minowa
Web gallery
He is my senior of at the university. He is a professional ornithological artist whose works are incredibly beautiful.
With wind, light, and birds Nobukin-san’s website where you see lot of birds and cute cats.
A moment of pure white
-Gallery of Japanese Crane-
Online gallery of Kawamura-san. Beautiful Japanese Cranes in winter of Tsurui village in Hokkaido are introduced. All the photographs are very fascinating.
Johou 100 Sen Useful web search engine for articles related to nature including lists of artist’s website who create works with natural motif.