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long-tailed tit image
Born in Koriyama City Fukushima Prefecture in 1971. Started drawing at age 1. Made his first paper craft at 5 years old.
Entered the faculty of literature's art course at Tamagawa University. Joined its Wildlife/Nature research club. Made a paper craft swan for the Cosmos Festival, an annual University event.
Completed a paper craft project as a graduation work. It consisted of nine wild birds including a swan, a white crane with a red crest, and a white-tailed sea eagle.
Joined a graphic design company in Aoyama, Tokyo as a DTP designer after working briefly at a printing company.
Won a bronze medal from the FCC American Press Club in the poster/calendar division of the "Advertising to Overseas Awards."
Left Tokyo going back to Fukushima to start a career as a freelance paper craft creator, producing precise and lifelike paper craft birds. Started to publish books on the topic. Carried out other activities such as creating novelty items for companies.
Moved back to Tokyo. Held a private exhibition at Ueno Zoo in October for one month where as many as 42 works were exhibited, including bird artworks both small and large.
Taught art at a private elementary school in addition to continuing to create works.

Stopped teaching and began working full-time in paper craft creation.

Hobbies:Bird watching and listening to music
Favorite animals:Swan, wolf, golden eagle
Favorite places:Lakes and rivers (to watch waterfowls), my hometown of Fukushima and my second hometown of Machida, Tokyo
Special ability:Genius hotcake baker, making hotcakes just like those shown on a hotcake mix box.