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Kingfisher is a jewel of river

Paper craft of Kingfisher

The kingfisher is a familiar bird at live in Fukushima. There is a report that it came to be able to see even in the park and the Tokyo city and Kanagawa city. It had been called the barometer of the quality of the river water before, too. The color of the body is "Hisui"_Japanese means "Jade" exactly, and it is called a jewel of the river.
I don't know understand whether the kingfisher has become familiar with the environment or the water quality of the river in various places improved but I believe that the water quality improved though Hereafter.

I want to Japan is a country can to be see the Kingfisher.

Ruffling Small Birds, Fluffy and Fleecy

Ruffling Small Birds

When I am looking at small birds, I often notice them ruffling their feathers. Particularly during the fall and winter months, I come across such birds. Their ruffling activity is so cute, and they make me feel like holding them in my hands. I crafted these small birds hoping to depict their ruffling movements in paper. This series includes various kinds of birds, from winter birds to summer birds. It is quite a new type of series. You might see those fluffy, ruffling birds with your own eyes in the coming seasons.

The name is Legend


It was not a wild bird at all, but made a bird of the imagination other than work for the first time. A Western phoenix becomes the image source than I say Chinese Phoenix. The name "Legend." I made a trial product generally and prepared the extension into the back, but have made it with actual size size suddenly at this time. I was going to redden it for the image of the bird of the flame at the beginning, but I thought that blue-green matched a name of Legend, and it was it in this color. I really became the work which was only one. More than wingspread 2 meters, I am big in about 5 meters full length, the truth. A meeting place may be the thing which did not have the realization of the exhibition besides gallery Yougen.

The call of Great Tit

Paper craft of Great Tit

The strange power to make a heart comforted why thinks that it will have it in the song of the Great Tit. They who come to heal, and a Great Tit are such existence before they who were singing near themselves notice it if they who are free and who lives freely are always considerate. It flocks together very much, and wants to do near the university as well now. It was inhabiting much neighborhood of the house of home, too. They move around as quickly as difficult to take pictures with a camera, too. Without asking it the four seasons, to the tit which always calls it if it is considerate, why. It has such a mind "look after."

White-tailed Eagle in Izunuma

Paper craft of White-tailed Eagle

The white-tailed eagle appears in winter in Izunuma, in the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture. It is a huge eagle with large rectangular wings that span 2 meters. As the name indicates, the bird's white tail is distinctive. In Hokkaido, white-tailed eagles flock with Steller's sea eagles when the drift ice is flowing. Only rarely can you see the eagle on Honshu, the main island of Japan. When the ponds freeze, the white-tailed eagle forages in the lee of the waterfowl, aiming at dabblers. It certainly has a great deal of dignity, but it gives me a somewhat impish impression as well.

Winter is the season of struggle for white-tailed eagles. It is difficult to acquire prey, and sometimes these birds have to fight with foxes, their natural competitors, in the scramble for prey. Some white-tailed eagles die of lead poisoning after being hit by hunters' fowling guns. Thus, winter for these birds is simply a struggle for survival. Those white-tailed eagles that successfully endure the harshness of nature might truly be called kings.